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There’s nothing like welcoming a new granddaughter with a personalized piece of art. She was born in December 2018, and her name was not revealed until after her birth. I had my work cut out for me to finish these canvas blocks before our first visit. I love using imagery from children’s art, so I borrowed from this portrait of a past family dog that was done by my son (my grandchild’s father) when he was about six. The elements of nature were perfect for a little girl with a name that evokes sunshine, flowers, and busy little bees.

I love this portrait of Jessi, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, created many years ago. I love how my son captured the ridge on her back, but contrary to how depicted, she never bared her teeth!

Make Dip, Not War

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Let me introduce you to the “Guac-a-cado Love Bird” and her message of Peace. She was my donation to the 2019 Lend a Hand silent auction fundraiser “Planting the Seeds of Dreams” sponsored by The Muse in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The chosen charity for 2019 was The Buddy Project, which focuses on autism awareness in our community.

The Warrior 2018

This was my third year to participate in the Lend a Hand fundraiser. While not my intention, all my entries have had birds as the main subject.

Totality 2017