A River Runs Through It

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“A Watershed Moment” was my donation to the annual Lend a Hand silent auction fundraiser sponsored by The Muse in downtown Frederick. The fundraiser always supports a Maryland charity and this year it was Stream-Link Education. Stream-Link works to connect communities and conservation by engaging volunteers to plant thousands of trees each year along streams to improve the health of local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Artists were asked to create a work inspired by a passage from the movie “A River Runs Through It”. My research led me to a map of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. All the rivers merging into one reminded me of sea nettle tentacles. The Atlantic sea nettle is often found in the Bay and plays a role in protecting baby oysters!

From Stream-Link Education: “It was an honor to be chosen as this year’s Lend a Hand art auction beneficiary. All proceeds will help reforest our local stream sides and will benefit the community and the environment for generations. This has been a rewarding and inspiring experience. We are so thankful for all the artists, everyone who bid, and The Muse for organizing this event. Thank you for all of your hard work and for supporting our mission.”

From The Muse: “This week, we were pleased to be able to give this year’s Lend a Hand beneficiary, Stream-Link Education, a check for $5,735! That will plant a lot of trees! Thank you so much to everyone who created art and who bid in the auction; we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Make Dip, Not War

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Let me introduce you to the “Guac-a-cado Love Bird” and her message of Peace. She was my donation to the 2019 Lend a Hand silent auction fundraiser “Planting the Seeds of Dreams” sponsored by The Muse in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The chosen charity for 2019 was The Buddy Project, which focuses on autism awareness in our community.

The Warrior 2018

This was my third year to participate in the Lend a Hand fundraiser. While not my intention, all my entries have had birds as the main subject.

Totality 2017


Image Transfer Tutorial

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Many of my recent pieces have been a combination of acrylic paint and a technique called image transfer. Some of the artists I work with in open studio would ask me how I get certain effects in my paintings, or they would see me working with image transfer and wonder what I was doing. I decided to do a tutorial for them and used these paintings to explain and show the process.

Image transfer is a method of transferring an image to a surface using gel medium. My images are usually copies made on a laser printer of random photos, art prints, or fabrics. I cut out the pieces I want to use and adhere them print side down to the surface (usually painted canvas) using gel medium as the adhesive. I use a  brayer roller to press the paper securely to the canvas. After drying overnight, I lightly sand the paper and spray with water. The paper can then be gently rubbed off with fingers or a soft cloth, leaving the design layer on the the canvas. I usually add layers on top of layers to build up pattern and design.

Click here for a great YouTube video on image transfers.

Faulkner Exhibit


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I am pleased to announce the opening of my private exhibit, Pageant of Seasons, at Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in North Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Brent Faulkner and his wife Joanne have opened the walls of their beautiful new office to area artists as a place to display and sell their art. Everything in the exhibit except for two pet portraits is for sale.

Please visit Faulkner Exhibit and Bookplate Gallery for images of this show’s offerings. Price list available on request.

TAG Box Show 2018

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The 2018 TAG/The Artists Gallery Box Show was held March 3-24 at TAG in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The show is an annual event and silent auction gallery fundraiser. This year’s show was “On and Off the Wall” and featured both boxes and wood panels (artist’s choice). I chose a panel and with spring in mind, I painted yellow tulips. I chose complementary colors for each item to add richness and harmony, hence the blue and orange background, red and green leaves and yellow and violet tulips. This piece went for $150.

All Birds Are Grey During Totality

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The Muse, a gift shop and gallery in downtown Frederick, has an annual silent auction fundraiser to benefit a local charity. This year, the charity was Blessings in a Backpack, which provides weekend meals to children who depend on our school system’s FARM (Free and Reduced Meals) program.

Participants who purchased an 8″x8″ canvas (with all money going to BIAB) were asked to decorate their canvas based on the theme “Togetherness”. Artworks were collected by The Muse and displayed in store and online for about three weeks. Once displayed, bidding commenced, ending Saturday, October 7 at the Silent Art Auction Closing Party held at The Muse 5-9 p.m.

My piece is titled “Totality” and was inspired by the August 21st eclipse. While these birds are anything but grey, during totality all color becomes diffused and we no longer see the differences that separate us. For several minutes, a wondrous event united us all. “Totality” is acrylic on canvas; the birds’ beaks are solar filters from eclipse glasses. The piece was auctioned for $100.

FMH Crestwood Gallery Fall Show


Two paintings, A Garden Oasis and Octopus, will be on display in “Beauty: Land & Water” at the Women’s Center Art Gallery at Frederick Memorial Hospital Crestwood opening September 11, 2017. I’m happy to say that I sold my painting “She’s Got Her Ticket and She’ll Fly” in the show that’s soon to be closing.

Blooming Glen Church


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These five paintings appeared as front cover illustrations during the months of May and June in the Sunday Worship Bulletin of the Blooming Glen Mennonite Church in Blooming Glen, PA. The illustrations were used over five consecutive weeks, each highlighting a particular theme pertinent to that week’s message.

If any of my work would be a fit for your book, poem or other published work, please contact me.

FCAA Summer Show

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Just recently finished this painting yesterday. It will be in the Frederick County Art Association Summer Show at Frederick Community College, opening Saturday, June 10. Reception with refreshments is from 5-7 PM. “A Garden Oasis” is 14″ x 11″ acrylic on canvas. It is $450.00 and will be sold framed.