I’m Only Human

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My son’s original art from a young age in elementary school became my inspiration for another “li’l birds” project. The original is construction paper collage and incidentally, hung over my desk at work for years. I often told colleagues that it was a depiction of me behind my desk reacting to a typical day’s work.

“I’m Only Human” is designed to be art you can touch. It’s an interactive piece made from canvas panels, acrylic paint, metal, wood, and magnets. Four small canvas panels are meant to be removed from the background and placed in positions favored by the viewer.

The background was painted on a thin piece of sheet metal and framed in a custom built frame. The background was drawn on a larger scale to look like the background in the original. The four 6×6-inch canvas panels were painted to resemble the original true to size, except in four separate pieces.

The canvas panels were mounted on wood (stained to match the frame) and small magnets were attached.

The four small panels can be placed anywhere on the metal background.

The finished piece is now hangs on a wall waiting for the next person to walk by and create a new arrangement.

Acrylic on canvas & metal, 33×12


TAG Box Show 2018

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The 2018 TAG/The Artists Gallery Box Show was held March 3-24 at TAG in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The show is an annual event and silent auction gallery fundraiser. This year’s show was “On and Off the Wall” and featured both boxes and wood panels (artist’s choice). I chose a panel and with spring in mind, I painted yellow tulips. I chose complementary colors for each item to add richness and harmony, hence the blue and orange background, red and green leaves and yellow and violet tulips. This piece went for $150.


Latest Projects

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These four angelfish were painted on 8×8-inch gallery cradled wood panels and while each piece could stand alone, they are meant to be sold and hung as a set. I first sanded and stained the sides to give the pieces a furniture quality finish. I’d like to create more aquatic nature sets…I’m thinking starfish next.

Cafe du Monde

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A family visit to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans and an impromptu photo resulted in a family portrait that just begged to be painted. We were in New Orleans to celebrate the engagement of my son and daughter-in-law (who grew up there). Once finished, I had a high res scan and prints done of the painting. The prints were matted and framed and became Christmas gifts for all at the table.

All Birds Are Grey During Totality

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The Muse, a gift shop and gallery in downtown Frederick, has an annual silent auction fundraiser to benefit a local charity. This year, the charity was Blessings in a Backpack, which provides weekend meals to children who depend on our school system’s FARM (Free and Reduced Meals) program.

Participants who purchased an 8″x8″ canvas (with all money going to BIAB) were asked to decorate their canvas based on the theme “Togetherness”. Artworks were collected by The Muse and displayed in store and online for about three weeks. Once displayed, bidding commenced, ending Saturday, October 7 at the Silent Art Auction Closing Party held at The Muse 5-9 p.m.

My piece is titled “Totality” and was inspired by the August 21st eclipse. While these birds are anything but grey, during totality all color becomes diffused and we no longer see the differences that separate us. For several minutes, a wondrous event united us all. “Totality” is acrylic on canvas; the birds’ beaks are solar filters from eclipse glasses. The piece was auctioned for $100.